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Oh wait, I almost forgot the cutest one

And then things got ugly

What I'm not showing you are all the other pictures with the goofball tweener expressions!

More old pictures

These all look to be 1984-ish.

Recognize these people?

Cute little buggers, if I do say so myself! This must have been taken sometime after Dallas was born in Sept. 1982.

We're going through old pictures for the slide show at Emily and Trav's wedding.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Well, I only made it in for one day of work this week, and even then I should have been taking Owen to the doctor for pinkeye instead of sniffling miserably in my office! To punish me for my impudence (insisting it was just from his cold!), I was smote with a doozy of a pinkeye case myself. That will teach me! So our trip up north to see Adam's family and butcher chickens is off. Hopefully, we can use our long weekend to get caught up around here and organized instead!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

New pictures, finally!

Well, our camera died early this summer. I finally got a little SD drive to plug into the computer to get them off. We also took some pictures with Uncle Trav's camera so we do have some photo-documentation of the summer!

The boys and I have been home sick the last two days. I hope this is the end of it. We are having bad stomach and respiratory viruses all at once!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How the heck are we?

Sorry it has been so long since we updated. We are all getting in the groove with our jobs and daycare. Everyday is so full that we hardly have time to sit down. I guess that is what winter is for! Adam is going gangbusters with his Asst. Prof. position. He has already turned in a grant and is building his Biophysics class and lab from scratch. It is a lot of work! The fall looks to be one work deadline after the other for him, but he is still hoping to get a little hunting in.

Despite having spent almost the entire day on my human subjects research training I am loving my job. At this point I am learning as much about everything that I can. Basically that means I get to read interesting things all day long - I keep getting mad at myself because I think I am procrastinating. Then, I realize that I am actually doing my job! I have the potential for lots of interesting projects.

The boys are doing great. Dare I say that Max seems to be getting over the worst of the whiny and tantrummy stuff? He is not the greatest with transition so he has been a little "touchy." I think he is settling into our routine now. He is extremely smart and articulate and obsessed with Jesus. This is somewhat of a strange thing for a 3-year-old to be obsessed with, but we just go with the flow! Max has lots of interesting theories about Jesus' life and may start his own religion some day.

Owen is a cutie and the best baby in the whole world. He is getting the hang of daycare and finally started taking his bottles there. He seems to have a little cold virus so he regressed a little in the bottle area. Nevertheless, we are not too worried that he is going to "dry up and blow away!" He was about 20 lbs a few weeks ago (5 months)!

Today was Dallas' birthday so we had a nice family party. It is great to finally be able to be here for stuff like this! There is lots more to report, but I must be off to see what kind of high chair we are going to get for Owen to have at Grandma Nancy's house! He is munching a few solids here and there and pretty excited about meal time!

PS: No house yet...


The corn silage operation is in full swing! It looks to be a great year for silage.